Energy Awareness & Self-Care

  • Practical Dowsing for Health, 6th Nov 2010
  • Energetic Self-Care in the Consulting Room, (please enquire about forthcoming dates) 

Biodynamic Therapy events:

  • Biodynamic Massage, taster evenings, Tuesdays
  • professional training (leading to UKCP registration)
  • professional Biodynamic Massage Training (starting Nov 2011 and Feb 2012)
  • experiential introductory workshops
  • CPD events
  • Open Days
  • OPEN EVENING:  January 2010
  • Lectures
  • Seminars

in London and other cities; please enquire about dates.

Biodynamic Massage  Training

starting Nov 2011 & February 2012

*  Open Evening, December 2011, Archway N19  *

Please get in touch via the Contact Us form or at info[at] and we will send you information about CPD workshops in energy awareness & energetic self-care, or training, CPD events, open days, workshops and introductory courses in biodyanmic body psychotherapy or biodynamic massage - in London and other cities.

Also, if you are working in the NHS or organisations for psychotherapists/counsellors, psychologists, complementary therapists, occupational therapists or other professions, we can help you find a facilitator or lecturer to hold an event at your location.

Energetic Self-Care and Subtle-Body Connections

Workshops and classes for Therapists, Practitiones and Health Care and Social Care Professionals, but also for anybody who would like to explore the relevance in their daily life.  (CPD certificates can be issued)

Events can be organised in London or other cities, as a stand-alone workshop or as part of a conference or as a module of a training or CPD programme. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Therapists of all modalities any professionals working in the health care professions use intuition to inform their therapeutic work - in the process opening themselves to subtle ‚energies'. In doing so, they can become drained and exhausted. Some therapists manifest their clients' physical or emotional symptoms or find it difficult to dis-entangle themselves from projections, transference and counter-transference that were stirred up in the face-to-face sessions. 

Whatever our theoretical model and/or scientific take on communication between client, therapist AND supervisor may be, many of us have had experiences of this kind.

At the same time, a better understanding of the energetic interactions between client and therapist will help develop intuition and non-verbal communication. How do we resonate with one another and how can we become more aware of the wealth of interactions between client and therapist? How can we develop this communication, enhancing our somatic transference to inform our work?

Practical ‚tools' enable therapists to look after their own well-being and in turn allow them to be the best they can be for their clients. The workshop's emphasis is very much experiential, practical and interactive. It will be adjusted to the needs of the group.

What participants (complementary health practitioners, social workers, GPs) have said about the workshops:

"I now have more tools and skills to look after myself - as well as having re-inforced those I had already known."

"It was a wonderful workshop, and incredibly informative for a complementary practitioner like myself!"

" learn about the power of words;  being in charge of my own energies."

"Good presentation - very experienced - very clear, and allowing time for sharing feedback."

"I now have the tools to look after muyself much better - and for my clients also."

"This is an essential workshop for practitioners!"



[This will be adapted to the requirements of each group and the length of the workshops.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.]

The workshops' emphasis is very much experiential, down-to-earth, practical and interactive!

Workshops will include a range of exercises for the participants' personal and professional development, which with practice can become a helpful resource for their therapeutic work. 

Explanations of the Chakra System and Energetic Bodies as a framework of reference will be presented, but kept short to allow maximum opportunity for experiential learning and practical work. No prior knowledge is required.

Workshops can be tailored to participants' previous experience and interest - i.e. it can be adjusted to total beginners or more experienced participants, and to mixed groups.

The importance of Self-Responsibility will be emphasised, encouraging an attitude of self-empowerment, personal and professional development.

Duration of workshops:

In order to give enouch time and space for practical work, a minimum duration of two or three hours with a short tea break is recommended. A whole day is recommended to allow time for deeper exploration and practicing various exercises and skills.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements to tailor the event to your needs.

Follow-up workshops:

A follow-up session a few weeks or couple of months after the initial workshop may be appropriate to share experiences, to consolidate and expand on techniques learnt.

Weekly classes

On-going classes in energy awareness, personal and professional development are taught in London, both at beginners and at intermediate level. Please enquire re timing and location.

Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy & Biodynamic Massage

Forthcoming events at LSBP in North London:

[We can also arrange for a lecturer or facilitator to offer an event at your organisation or in your town.  Please enquire.]

experiential taster evenings for Biodynamic Massage (North London, Archway tube station)

  • Tuesday evenings, please ask for next dates

experiential Introductory workshops (Sat + Sun)

  • Embodied Living (enquire about next date)
  • Insight through the Body (enquire about date)
  • "The Diaphragm is the Gateway to the Unconscious" (enquire about date)

Introduction to Biodynamic Listening Skills and Embodied Speech (CPD cert. available)

         (please enquire about next dates)

Short Introductory courses in Biodynamic Massage (CPD cert. available)

  •  Touching the Body - Touching the Heart [The emotional impact of bodywork] (three weekly meetings, either morning course or evening course, please enquire about next dates)

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